About Us



We support and guide each individual as they pursue their personal aspirations.  We strive to spark conversations where each person can choose the direction or path that makes sense for their vision. We strive to discover each person's gifts as a way that they may contribute to their community.


Mission Statement

We provide support for individuals seeking to enhance their opportunities in the community through paid and organic resources. We guide each person as they explore choices that fulfill their goals and ambitions. 



We believe in YOU, your voice and your passion to succeed. We want your voice to be heard and we will work with you to achieve each goal and the steps needed to get there. 

About Us

What we do


-We provide resources in your community that cater to your interests -We help you and your family develop ideas and goals for the present and future planning -Our experienced and knowledgeable staff help guide you in the path of self direction  - We provide you with the tools necessary to create a full life.  -Our staff is trained in person centered planning, which allows  you to direct your life, goals and dreams as you envision -Our support coordinators are. trained and certified in writing the New Jersey Individual Support Plan (NJISP) and Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT)


Together we have more than 20 years experience planning and helping people achieve their goals and dreams. We believe in you, your voice and your passion to succeed.

Counties in NJ where we support individuals registered with DDD


Union, Essex, Middlesex, Hudson, Bergen & Passaic 

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